Yoobee’s Character Design Competition

November 26, 2020

A Character Design Competition. 

We’re excited to announce that Light and Dark is back for 2020! 

For a seventh year, we’re inviting secondary school students in Years 11, 12, & 13, from across Aotearoa to create a character that displays two contrasting emotions; one light, and one dark.

Light & Dark is a great opportunity for your art students to refine their skills by developing the art of emotion through their own illustrated characters.

Your students get to join our community of budding artists, and have the opportunity to WIN a 1 Year Scholarship to Yoobee colleges Bachelor of Animation Degree, or Bachelor of Software Engineering Degree. A great relief for some parents, and a great start for a talented teen.

So round up your students, and get them to enter the competition. 
Entry forms will close Tuesday, 15 December @ 12pm. Enter Now! 

There’s more information on our website:  www.yoobee.ac.nz