Gap Years


Our Internship programme at Waikanae Beach will unlock your potential…empowering you and equipping you with life skills that will look great on your CV and kickstart your career!

Career Training Intern Position Description

We have some interns arriving in November and then more in January.

We don’t have a strict rule on age but we feel that the programme is most suitable for those aged 17 years and over



Anyone that would like to apply simply needs to send in a short CV with details of any past jobs, their interests and hobbies etc and also it would be good to know when they are interested in starting the programme.

We have some interns arriving in November and then more in January.

We don’t have a strict rule on age but we feel that the programme is most suitable for those aged 17 years and over.


Your Education is a New Zealand-owned overseas high school exchange programme. We know the world will open up again in the future and we want to make sure you’re ready to experience the thrill of living in a different country and making lifelong friendships.



International Gap Year applications for 2021 are NOW OPEN!  Download their brochure here.

Imagine being given the opportunity to experience an exciting new life, in a completely new country, surrounded by new friends and colleagues, being trusted to carry out a meaningful new role. That’s what a Lattitude Gap Year is all about, discovering the world and stepping outside of everything you know.

Be a leader, mentor, tutor or caregiver, as you take on responsible roles as a volunteer staff member at your Lattitude “placement”. We offer a wide range of role options, and with no experience necessary, there’s no need to worry that you don’t know how to do the job – that’s where we come in.

As an international youth development organisation, we make all the arrangements, and provide the preparation, training, support, food, accommodation and more for you to grow into your role. And you WILL grow as a person!

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of a new country and culture, and a new global perspective.

You’ll become someone with a unique story to tell. And importantly, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare you for continued education, employment and adult life.

We are happy to announce that applications are now open for our world-famous International Gap Year programmes for 2021!

We know that it seems a long way off, but there are limited positions available, preparations to be made, and we’d hate you to miss out by leaving it too late!

Visit our website and get the ball rolling for your year-of-a-lifetime!


International Working Holidays was formed in 2001.  Nannies Abroad was established in 1995 by Vicki Kenny, the current and sole kiwi owner of International Working Holidays.  Since then they have helped thousands of people take off for their Big OE.


For any students wanting to find out about Camp America, click the following link:  Camp America

Every season we have regular information nights at a city near you from August to December. Look out for one in your area!
  • Meet returned counsellors and hear about their awesome summer. You can also ask them questions at the end.
  • See our video about how Camp America gets you to camp, and sponsors your visa – we make it easy!
  • See video footage shot at various camps – to get a real feel of what camp is like.
  • Hear what other participants thought about summer camp and of Camp America
  • Find out how to make the most of your application.
  • We have giveaways too!
  • Bring along your friend (or family) if you want to.
  • Meet your local interviewer (they’re really not scary truly)

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