Bachelor of Criminal Justice can lead to different jobs

March 17, 2021

The three-year Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree at UC combines multi-disciplinary academic study with a strong vocational focus, and provides the first and only comprehensive grounding in the New Zealand criminal justice system.

The degree does not require students to have a background in any specific subject at school and is open to all students with entry to university.

Graduates with this degree have an edge in the crime and justice job markets, which are areas of growing national need and international specialisation. A degree in Criminal Justice can lead to a wide range of careers, including law enforcement, corrections, offender rehabilitation, working with young offenders, criminal law, security and border control.

Graduate Charlie Boot says his Bachelor and Masters’ degrees in Criminal Justice have put him in the best possible place to positively impact the system. Initially, Charlie was interested in becoming a police officer, but soon figured a role behind the scenes could help him create real change.

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